Friday, October 12, 2012

A Fun Date Idea

So I'm not sure if anyone even looks at this blog anymore but if you do I went on a way fun date a while back with an awesome girl (pictured below).  My niece Diana told me that doing sidewalk chalk would be a great date so at her suggestion that's what we did.  However, Marian (as in my older sister) suggested doing living murals, you do chalk, insert a human and take a picture.  Here are a few of the results of the date activity.  And yes, there have been a few dates since with a good few in the future, I hope!  Enjoy


erika said...

I still look at it Michael! What a great date idea, and I'm glad to hear that you think there may be more in the future :)

Beth Wills said...

I check sometimes, too. Hope all is well.

Ewa said...

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